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Past Events

Pandora’s Kids has a different event every month for kids who have lost a loved one. Register on our site to get email notifications of upcoming events. Here are the events we have planned next!

Pinball Wizard

Join Us at the Silverball Museum on July 22nd 2-5pm The only pastime more fun than gaming is RETRO-gaming, and next up at Pandora’s Kids, we’re doing just that! Join us at the Silverball Museum in Delray for an afternoon of playing classic arcade games, dining on pinball-worthy food, chillin’ and having fun! Don’t forget to RSVP so we can plan ahead! See you soon!

Putt'N Around Golf Tourney

How’s Your Short Game? Not your big-boy short game. We’re talkin’ serious Putt Putt-sized skills here, complete with waterfalls,giant tortoises, porpoises and more between you and the cup.
It's all to help Pandora’s Kids raise some green on the green at the PK Putt’N Around Golf Tourney.