Our Mission

Grief is easier shared with a friend. When a child loses a loved one, he can often feel alone.


Even in a loving family, grieving children can feel like they have been singled out, like they are the only kid who has lost someone they love. And because kids grieve differently than grown-ups, adults cannot always provide the support and friendship a grieving child needs.


At Pandora’s Kids, we believe kids in grief help other kids in grief. Through their shared experiences, kids become “Wounded Healers,” giving each other the support and friendship that can only be found from someone just like them.


We unite kids in grief, giving them a place to talk if they want, listen if they choose or just be with other kids in grief. We open the doors to new friendships through shared events, activities and forums. We let kids know they are not alone. They are one of many of Pandora’s Kids.