At Pandora’s Kids, we seek to provide services that open the door for kids to connect with other kids in grief. Whether virtually or through planned PK Events, we focus on making connections that lead to new friendships and shared experiences for the kids we serve. Since grief affects not just the child, but the entire family, we also offer services to help families find the resources they need after the death of a loved one


PK Kids Connect


Since kids today live in a virtual world, we built a virtual community for grieving kids. Through PK Kids Connect, kids make new friendships and find much needed support and understanding. PK Kids Connect is a safe, password-protected, monitored online world where kids can interact with kids of similar ages and types of loss. Through PK Kids Connect, kids can talk, share and make new friends in a forum where they’ll find kids who can relate to their feelings firsthand. PK Kids Connect has built-in safeguards to monitor online interaction and ensure that our kids can form new friendships in a safe, private environment. Join PK Kids Connect with our easy online registration system.


PK Events


Pandora’s Kids fosters new friendships through a number of local events. Our Kids Board of Directors plans our events to be the coolest, kid friendliest happenings possible. From sporting events to ice cream socials to times to just chill out and chat, PK Events give kids the chance to have fun and make friends. PK Events are planned throughout the year and offer a mix of age-appropriate, specific interest and fun-for-all events. Registered PK Kids and families are invited to attend PK Events. Visit our online events calendar for a schedule of upcoming PK Events.


PK Family Connect


 Every family’s grief experience is different and the support they need can also vary significantly. The impact that death has on a family can take many different forms from financial devastation to depression to significant life changes. While our community offers a number of grief services, finding the services and support a family needs after the loss of a loved one is not always easy. PK Family Connect offers an online resource for families in grief. Through PK Family Connect, families can access a directory of community resources including government services, support groups, mental health professionals, family support organizations, legal professionals and a number of other important services. PK Family Connect also connects families with other families so they can share advice and recommendations on services and resources and ask questions they cannot find answers to. If your family is grieving and doesn’t know where to turn, join PK Family Connect and find the resources you need.